Terms & Conditions

  1. Agreement to terms and conditions – By entering COURSE HAVOC you automatically agree to the terms and conditions listed below, we advise you keep a record of this however if you have any difficulties doing so please contact – info@coursehavoc.co.uk
  2. Privacy & Cookie Policy 
  3. By agreeing as a participant you understand and acknowledge that participating in this event is solely at your own risk. You are aware that there is a hazardous and dangerous aspect to this course and you are entering with declaration that you are fit and healthy enough to complete this course. 
  4. COURSE HAVOC cannot refund any entry fees unless the event is cancelled by ourselves (further mentioned in 7.) or allow you to transfer to another name under any circumstances.
  5. Any member of the COURSE HAVOC team are permitted to refuse entry to the course if they feel you to be unfit due to alcohol or drug consumption. The team also has the right to eject any participants off the course due to disobeying course rules, if any of the above happens the participant is not entitled to a refund.
  6. Children between the age of 6-15 years old are not permitted to enter without adult supervision, COURSE HAVOC will not respond to any inquiries or entries made by children aged mentioned before and any information gained will be automatically disposed of appropriately in line with GDPR 2018.
  7. Should the event be cancelled due to reasons out of our control you will be offered either A) entry to a future event of COURSE HAVOC, or B) a full refund for the cancelled event. 
  8. You cannot participate if you are pregnant.
  9. Leading on from the above the terms and conditions should not be substituted for medical diagnosis so please ensure you seek professional advice from your medical practitioner if you doubt your medical state before entering.
  10. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you consent to the use of any photos or video images by COURSE HAVOC for the use of publicity purposes only. 
  11. Anybody that wishes to take photographs or video images during the event can do so, but if you are a professional or commercial photographer and plan on taking multiple photos or videos of people who are unknown to you this is strictly forbidden without the consent of COURSE HAVOC.
  12. Due to venue policy we unfortunately cannot cater for pets at the event with the exception of service dogs.
  13. In line with 5, all participants must respect changing room and toilet facilities provided.
  14. All participants must register on the day to comply with their PAR-Q forms. Adults supervising juniors under 16 years old are responsible for the signing of registration and their supervision throughout the event.
  15. By consenting to the terms and conditions you agree to respect and follow safety guidelines in place in addition to respecting the facilities, other participants, equipment and participate in a cooperative manner and positive attitude. 
  16. A licensed bar will be on site for any spectators and participants at the legal age to use, please be aware a designated area for bar usage will be in place and due to venue restrictions we cannot allow alcohol to enter or be consumed on the course field.
  17. Smoking is not permitted on the field due to venue policy, smoking areas will be indicated on the day.
  18. Group bookings – the lead party member agrees to have read the terms and conditions and has the responsibility to advise everybody in their party of the terms and conditions.
  19. If your group booking includes Juniors aged between 6-15, you must ensure the ratio of adult to junior is    1 Adult : 2 Juniors. Failure to do so may consequently result in your booking being refused entry on the day with no refund.
  20. COURSE HAVOC reserves the right to edit the terms and conditions at any point prior to the event. On the day of the event there will be an up to date T&C that participants should read before taking to the course.
  21. The event is an outdoor event and you are expected to prepare for this appropriately on the day of the event.
  22. Parking – the venue offers limited free parking for the event at 300+ spaces, we advise you to car share where possible. Also COURSE HAVOC cannot accept responsibility for any damages or losses for participants and spectators property.
  23. COURSE HAVOC is a registered trademark. Unauthorised use of the website or its content is not permitted.
  24. Conclusion – By agreeing to these terms and conditions you participate entirely at your own risk and accept that COURSE HAVOC are not liable for the following. Any damage, claim, injury, expense or accidents which may develop from negligence of the participant at the event. You are in good health and have completed sufficient training leading up to the event to complete the course. You remain responsible for your actions and property on the day of the event and enter declaring that you have read all of the above and agree to the terms.